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The Bentley of Knives

A solid knife is an absolute must have item in your kitchen or tool box. For the majority of my career, i have used Henckel knives which have a nice even weight to them and are sturdy enough for a couple of falls on the floor "try not to catch one when it falls, especially if it is sharp". A few years ago, i treated myself to a knife that i had my eye on for a while, the fantastic "Fujiwara Teruyasu nine inch Gyuto knife".

A 4th generation Blacksmith whose family in which started their business making samurai swords. After using this knife even after its first slice, i knew i had something special in my hand! Imagine cutting a tomato with no pressure, simply moving the knife back and forth for a paper thin slice! *Just remember to wash your knives by hand and never in the dishwasher, to sharpen with a stone not a steel and to also keep it in its own prescribed sheaf/box. Happy safe cutting!

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