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Vegas Baby Vegas...

A little collage of the hotels in Vegas that i had the pleasure of working in, from being a chef de partie "which is basically the engine room of any kitchen" to being a head chef "which is running a station if one of your chefs call in sick to being an expediter as in wiping plates and making sure the plates go to the right table and hot!" then to exec chef level where half the shift was paperwork, then walking around the 3 restaurants making sure nobody was in the weeds and food was up to par, as well as trying to juggle 3 kitchens rotas of 32 chefs with union rules and regulations. It was tons of fun and an Adrenalin rush when all the juggling went well, with all top priorities sorted, happy or content chefs and no complaints from them or customers. Treat your employees like a 2nd family and you'll receive the respect "in time"

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