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Vegworld & Vegan Food & Living Magazine Recipes...

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

A year ago i was asked to create some plant based menu's, which for any chef is a slight nightmare as it puts us out of our comfort zone! Today, i am glad i accepted that challenge as my published cookbook covers vegan recipes, and i now write recipes for vegworld online magazine based in the USA and have now started writing for Vegan food and living, which is "the UK's best selling vegan magazine".

There are two recipes in this month's edition of vegan food and living. One is a Lentil chilli in a rye bread bowl and the second is a Watermelon, mango & jalapeno salad. I guess sometimes, it helps to branch out of your comfort zone as you never know where it will lead you to! Eating clean doesn’t hurt sometimes either!

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